Lodz Ark of Democracy foundation

Lodz Ark of Democracy Foundation
We met in 2015 and since then we have been actively working together for democracy in Poland.

We have been united by a shared objection towards the violation of the constitutional provisions which guarantee civil rights and the rule of law. It is very important for us to further promote active citizenship, young people’s education, as well as to monitor and supervise the electoral process.

We divided our duties taking into account our skills and qualifications. In this way we want to minimize the cost of running the Foundation. As a result, we can devote all the funds that we are going to raise to the objectives of the Foundation.

 Members of the Board

Katarzyna Agata Skrzypińska – Lehmann
Jakub Roman Stawicki
Michalina Engel
Wojciech Piotr Ossowicki
Alicja Gruszka
Katarzyna Beata Witek

Transparency of activities

One of the main objectives of our Foundation is the formation ad further development of citizen society, as well as the promotion of good governance models. Therefore we care about the transparency of our activities.

On our website we publish the following information:
• the list of the Members of the Board
• the Foundation Charter
• the information on our current projects and the activities we support
• the annual financial statements and a factual summary of our activities


projects in progres
ideas for the future